About Ash to art

Born and bred in a family home on the Gold Coast, Ash to Art has been inspired by the love, life and loss that surrounds us everyday. We make art, pendants and jewellery influenced by memories and crafted from ashes. We are people who have experienced the joy of love and the heartbreak of loss and we understand the desire to always keep a piece of a loved one close.

Our pieces are uniquely intimate; they express love, hold memories and celebrate the loved ones who are no longer with us. When you allow ashes to be crafted into something you can see and touch, they become a physical representation of the lives we miss dearly and cherish deeply.

We commit to never mass producing, or providing anything less than a bespoke service. Our pieces are always hand made locally, using ashes of your loved one, combined with high quality materials to craft a truly personal piece that is uniquely yours.

We are passionate about embracing the messy moments of life and repurposing them so they can bring joy.
We are restoring life to what has been deemed lifeless and we cannot wait to share it with you.


- Ash To Art -